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Can't play 'Liebs oder lass es'

Can't play 'Liebs oder lass es'


I can't play the song 'Liebs oder lass es' from Genetikk featuring Sido.

This is the link:

Why is this so?

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Hey @derstreetboy,

It is working for me and I am from the Netherlands. Can you be more specific regarding your problem? Is the song greyed out? Do you have the same problem with other songs in the Spotify catalogue, or is it just this song? 

If the song is greyed out, it means that the publisher, for whatever reason, hasn't made that song available in your country. It could be due to the request of the artist or due licensing. This is something that Spotify doesn't have control over. 

If this is bothering you the Spotify gives you the option to not show greyed out (unavailable songs) Go to Settings -> Display options






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