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Claim Spotify Profile Question (New Artist) Debut Release

Claim Spotify Profile Question (New Artist) Debut Release



My artist name is Zero Kares.


Im going to be releasing my Debut Single through Amuse on all playforms in cluding of course Spotify.


I want to clarify some things below and if you can possibly help me that would be amazing.


1. The only way I can "Claim my Spotify Profile" is if I use a distributor (CDBaby, DiscoKid, Amuse) to distribute my song to Spotify and then once my song is on Spotify...I then share my Spotify URL when trying to "Claim my Spotify Profile" and it should work right?


2. Can I only do Spotify Promotion/Ads once I claim my Spotify profile?


3. Where Can i see how much views, which playlists, growth, etc stats of all my songs on Spotify? I know Amuse will send me SOME data but not as detailed as I assume Spotify will show me on my Spotify account (after I verify) correct?


4. Does anyone know any legit playlists for RnB, Rap, Club I can use/pay to promote my debut single?


Thank you!

1 Reply

Greetings Zero,


I feel ya, I've had your same questions/problems as soon as I started uploading my music on Spotify.


1. I've uploaded music through "TuneCore" but I managed to claim my "Spotify For Artist" profile only when the first single was available. So yeah, when you'll get your specific URL you'll get the chance to claim the Artist Profile.


2. I don't know what you mean by Spotify Promotion/Ads. If that means promoting your music thanks to other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), well yes.


3. When you get your Artist Profile you'll be able to customize it and see all available datas by clicking the "Edit Profile" button available in your profile (which only you will see). Attached you can find the example of what I see in my profile.


4. Playlists are a hard topic because it's not easy to land in a official Spotify playlist.

I suggest you to check out a more specific answer to this question on the Spotify website or through your artist account once you get it.


Let me know if you need help,




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