Commercials in Joe Rogan's podcast

Commercials in Joe Rogan's podcast


When Spotify first bought Rogan's podcast, then at least the commercials were about Athletic greens, which is a sponsor for the podcast, which made it tolerable. But now you've started to throw in your own commercials, even though I have a premium account. And these commercials can contain the most annoying garbage music that anyone could possibly find.



Every time I hear that song, i have to listen to something else for a while just to clear my head before I can go back to the episode.


I used to listen to this podcast on YouTube premium, with no commercials, and a much better working platform that allowed me to seamlessly switch between devices.


Now I barely want to listen to Joe anymore because I know I'll have to deal with this issue every time.

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We're sorry to hear about that.

As a podcast listener myself,I do get irritated by the ads sometimes

I do have to state however, that Spotify plays absolutely no role in choosing what ads to play.

That lies entirely with the podcaster and/or the agent responsible for uploading it.

In the same way,we don't make any changes to an artist's song,we don't make any to podcasts either.

Thank you

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I don't care about whether or not Spotify plays a role in choosing which particular ads to play, I'm guessing that the ads are chosen by a third party that provides ads for many Podcasts on Spotify, nothing wrong with that.


The problem is that Spotify used a lot of money to buy the exclusive right of being the distributor a podcast that is important to a lot of people, and then Spotify removed the option for these people to listen to it without ads.

In this way, combined with cramming video podcasts into a platform that was not ready for it, Spotify is ruining the Joe Rogan Experience for many of us.

Ok wait, "ruining" is an over exaggeration, let me rephrase that. I meant "Spotify is having a negative effect on the listener experience"
But of course I'm also thankful for all the old episodes that were not available to me before Spotify bought the rights.

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