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[Community][Other] Censorship

[Community][Other] Censorship

Hey spotify, 

I’ve been a lonnng time customer of yours and have turned dozens of people onto your app over the years...


I’ve got a suggestion. How about you get off the virtue signaling bandwagon and stop censoring programs. I’m speaking in this particular case about the removal of certain JRE podcast episodes.  Although I generally don’t agree with his political ideas and I’m certain, some of what he says is BS...that’s a part of life, no one is always right. Have the respect for your customers to let them decide what is BS and what is not, stop trying to aid tyranny in policing/babysitting the world.  People need to grow up and be able to make their own decisions.  None of us are paying you guys to be a nanny.  Let the free market speak for itself...

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