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I would need to understand how Spotify defines an album as compilation. The guideline states that when an album has more than 3 main artists, it will automatically be considered as a compilation. I have an example here where there are no more than 3 main artists and still it is written as compilation:


Could you please help me out?

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The definition of an album as a compilation on Spotify can depend on several factors, including the number of artists involved, the nature of production and recording credits, among others. However, the general rule is that if an album includes several songs by different artists or is a set of recordings by different artists, it will be considered a compilation.


Regarding the specific example you mentioned, it is possible that the classification of the album as a compilation occurred due to some of the following reasons:


  • The album includes several tracks by different artists, even if each track has less than three main artists. This can happen in soundtrack albums or compilations, for example, where each track is performed by a different artist.
  • The album was released by a label or producer that normally produces compilations. In this case, even if the album is mainly composed of songs by a single artist or band, it can still be classified as a compilation if that is the usual practice of the label.
  • The album includes tracks recorded at different times or locations, with different artist configurations. Even if these tracks are credited to a single artist or band, the fact that they were recorded in different contexts can lead Spotify to classify them as a compilation.

In summary, although the general rule is that an album with more than three artists is considered a compilation, there are several factors that can influence the classification of an album as such.



Thanks a lot for taking the time to look into this!


The guidelines are very clear and understandable. I still have one doubt though, why is this album with different composers defined correctly as album? Following the guidelines, it should be a compilation as well, right?



Probably yes. If by any chance you think your case has been resolved, click on accept as solution. A big hug and a great day!

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