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Daily Mix updated ~4PM, changed from blues to classical, 2 other Mixes replaced

Daily Mix updated ~4PM, changed from blues to classical, 2 other Mixes replaced




iPad & MacBook Pro


At about 4PM today (9/30/22) while playing my blues Daily Mix, the content changed to classical. Concurrently two other playlists (#4 & 5) were disappeared and replaced with Daily Mixes that carried someone else's ID.  One was rap (originally jazz) which I have never listened to willingly, and the other was rock (which originally was classical). Why did this happen?

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Hey there @gt28,

Thanks for reaching out about this here.


This sounds very odd, especially the part with someone else's ID. The Daily Mixes are created only for your account, and you're the only one who can see the content in them as it is. 


Can you please send us some screenshots of how those Daily Mixes look like and how the "Made for 'you'" section looks like? We'll look further into this.





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As I mentioned above, 2 playlists with someone else's ID's spontaneously replaced my own. I signed out of all devices, changed my password and re signed in. One of those ID'd as pascal01g4 subsequently disappeared, it was rap, something I never listen to. The other ID's as m16jt was a public playlist Daily Mix 5 (I saved this one as a playlist).


My blues Daily Mix 5 (I've never paid attention to the labeling, so I'm not sure it actually was number 5) has totally disappeared.  Prior to switching itself to classical during this hiccup, the playlist had had a step change improvement. I'm looking at an in-process song by Big Bill Moganfield (Butter for my grits) on my iPad. It's a blues artist, says its part pf Daily Mix 6 which is no longer(?) blues, and it does not appear in the current Daily Mix 6 playlist.


Made for you section shows 6 playlists, none with other persons ID's, and no blues based mix.  How many daily playlists does a person typically have? My interests span a wide spectrum. 

Hey there @gt28


Thanks for letting us know. 


This is very odd and we haven't received any similar reports so far, but we suggest that you keep listening to the music you like and your Daily mix playlists should re-appear and update eventually.  We also suggest taking a look at this article for tips on how to improve your Made for You playlists.


On another note, Daily mixes are up to 6, but those can vary depending on the variety of artists and genres the user listens to. 


If this issue occurs again, make sure to take a screenshot where we can see the affected playlists and we'll take a closer look. 


If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you. 

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