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Delete albums with one song

Delete albums with one song

A lot of artists create an album with one song for a single. I just now found out that my albums-list is polluted with these one-song albums. 

Is there an easy way to delete these albums. Or is there an easy way to sea how much songs there are in an album, so I can delete these at once!

Cause I'd like to keep my albums list clean, with only the albums that I like. 

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Hi there!

The only way to remove albums from the Albums tab is if you "untick" the white heart. Doing that will also remove it from your library and albumbs. 


Yep, I know that. But how can I filter all the albums with only one song?

Because now I have to click into the album to check if it's a single-album, or a complete album.

That currently isn't possible. The only way to remove albums is removing them from your library one by one.


An easy way to solve this is by clicking on the 3 buttons at the top right of the screen and clicking “REMOVE FROM PLAYLIST”. This automatically removes the song, and if its a 1 song playlist, deleted the playlist as well.

The problem is, I have hundreds of albums with one song. I want to remove or filter them at once. In stead of deleting them one by one.


Maybe there is an external site. Or there is something possible through the API...

Like I said, There currently is no other way to remove albums.

For me, if I'm under "Albums" on desktop I can switch the "Saved Albums Only" toggle on and many of the one-song albums go away. This is because of my habits though. When you "heart" something it ends up here but gets filtered away when that toggle is on. But I hardly ever "save" an album with on song. So most of the one-song albums in my "Albums" section are hearted (say from Discover Weekly) and not saved. I know this isn't the answer you were looking for but I thought I'd share my experience with this because I also realized a while back that A LOT of my albums were one song and that toggle was helpful.

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