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Discover Weekly Not Updating

Discover Weekly Not Updating

Ever since I used the new DJ feature on mobile a few weeks ago, my Discover Weekly playlist not only hasn't updated, but is reduced to a single song. No amount of refreshing changes, and it even says that the song was "refreshed" x hours ago (when the playlist usually resets), but it's still the single song.
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Thanks for posting in the Community.

As a first step, can you please try the following:

  • Unfollow the playlist, then follow it again from Search - Made For You.
  • Check if the playlist is the same on other devices.

If the issue persists, please send us a screenshot of how things look on your end.


Looking forward to your reply.

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My discover weekly hasn’t updated for several weeks. I’ve tried logging in and out, uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting the app, clearing cache, offloading the app, logging in to different devices, and nothing has worked.

I used to wake up every Monday excited for my Discover Weekly. Last year I used Spotify to listen to white noise as I slept. Soon after, my Discover Weekly was filled completely with binaural beats, nature sounds, singing bowls, and other zen-like songs. I immediately stopped listening to white noise through the night on Spotify (switched to YouTube). It has been many months now and my Discover Weekly is STILL only 100% calm, zen-like, meditation songs. I listen to a LOT of different styles of music and I figured by now it should have updated. I've been using Daylist, which is nice... but I miss my old Discover Weekly. Help!

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