Discover Weekly Picture When Signed Up Via Facebook

Discover Weekly Picture When Signed Up Via Facebook

Hey there!  I love the Discover Weekly playlist and up until about 6 months ago it always stayed updated with my current Facebook profile picture.  However, in June me and my (now ex) fiance parted ways.  It is now September and my profile picture STILL shows my old Facebook profile picture from June with us both in it.  I signed up with Spotify via my Facebook and therefore cannot disconnect and reconnect (a solution posted in another thread).  Can this please be resolved, as every morning it makes me grumble.

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Have you tried first updating your Facebook user profile picture? Please note it can take up to two weeks for Facebook profile pictures to update on Spotify/Facebook accounts. You need to update the main facebook profile picture, you might also try removing the old picture from your facebook account as well.


If you are having issues getting this to work properly after two weeks, you can try reaching out to Spotify Customer service to see if they can take a peek back stage and see if something is hanging up on your account.


"Please get in touch with Spotify via the contact form. If you get an email back directing to the support forums, reply back to that email even if it is from noreply, and the support team will be able to take a look at your issue and you'll hear from them shortly. Spotify users can also contact Spotify customer support as well on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on Spotify's Facebook page."


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