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Discover Weekly extremely innacurate

Discover Weekly extremely innacurate

I've heard wonderful things about this feature however, for me it's completely broken. Discover reccomends I plunge headfirst into pop punk and radio friendly indie whereas I have a library full of metal bands, rappers, edm producers, and so far off as classical composers. I'd really love to enjoy the feature the way others have been able to. Has anyone else ran into this issue?

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This is really interesting that it's so faulty for you because Discover Weekly is the most reliable automated playlist that I can find new songs from out of this and Daily Mixes.


Hope someone finds an answer for you because this a shocker to me

Daily Mixes appears to be working seeing how its based solely on my library I believe. I may just create a new premium account to replace my current account maybe then discover weekly will begin working





You might try reading through the article about Discover Weekly here: There is from time to time odd quirks with some users Discover Weekly playlists, but for the most part it has been working rather well for me.


It might take a week or two for me, but eventually the Discover Weekly playlist will start pulling content recommendations from artists and music, when I make changes in the direction of music I am listening to. Like going from Death, Black Metal into AOR type of Rock music.


Has there been any extended breaks from your use of the Spotify service? Like maybe not using the service for several weeks? This is the major thing I can think of at the moment that can effect Discover Weekly, an extended break from the Spotify service which throws the algorithm selection system off for users.


Give this another week or two, and if the Discover Weekly does not straighten out, message back in this post and a Rock Star can escalate the post, and see if a Spotify mod can poke around your account to see if anything might be throwing things off for your Discover Weekly selections?

I'll check out those FAQs. This has been going on for nearly the last 8 months. Ive used spotify everyday and listen to at least 40 songs minimum daily so it is pretty weird. Hopefully a Dev could do an easy reset or something so i don't have to make a new account

I usually always get the same songs just with a couple switched out. But usually the ones swithed out are songs by artist that I turn out to like so I kinda like it even though it isn't perfect.

Perhaps try to keep your friends away from using your spotify account (if they do) because they could have different genre of music.





A couple of other things to be sure of with regards of Discover Weekly:


Make sure you are not listening to content in Private session. Using Private Session can affect the Discover Weekly playlists.


If your are listening regularly outside of Private Session, I'd recommend encouraging you to listen to, and save, all the favourite tunes you come across as often as possible.



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