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Discover Weekly playlist from Spotify (not from me)

Discover Weekly playlist from Spotify (not from me)

Today I discovered that Spotify account has a playlist named "Discover Weekly" url On what parameters is based this playlist? Is it a sort of global analysis and suggestion?
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Man, you are in for a positive surprise 🙂


It's a playlist generated by Spotify from an attempt to analyze your music taste. It works MUCH better than the collaborative filtering techniques you may be familiar with from other sites.

I know what Discover Weekly playlist is, but on my old account i used to see that the discover weekly playlist "author" was me, not spotify, with my facebook profile pic as cover picture. Now i see this spotify made discover weekly playlist, totally not based on my tases, so i was asking my self with what criteria was it made 🙂 I'm currently on a new account because I asked the spotify support to move my data, I needed my account to be untied from facebook. Now i'm waiting those "two weeks of analytics" before i can have my very personal discover weekly playlist

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