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Discover Weekly update on Tuesday

Discover Weekly update on Tuesday

hey 🙂 

so my discover weekly got updated as usual on monday. 

there were some really nice songs this time, where i did not remembered the name. 

as i opend spotify this morning (tuesday) i saw that the offline update for almost twenty new songs was running and almost my whole DW is now different. 

did this happend to anybody else and/ or do you know if it’s reversible or if i can at least see which songs i was listening to. 

cheers and thx for help 🙂 

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Hello!! I hope you're having a great day!

Unfortunately, this is not reversible so you cannot find the songs.

However, if you remember any of the lyrics from any of the songs, then you could search them into Google and see what comes out.

Hope this helps, have a good day🌼🌼

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