Discover playlist has girlfriends songs...?


Discover playlist has girlfriends songs...?

Hey yall! So my discover playlist has consistently been heavy on stuff my gifriend likes, moreso than me. And not just broad genres, bizarrely specific stuff. She loves Undertale- last week I got two Undertale- remixes. She loves Game Grumps, I got a Starbomb song. She loves Japanese music- not only did my last playlist have about TEN Japanese songs, but she had personally shown me (on her YouTube) five of them in the past.

Thing is, she never uses Spotify at all, let alone mine. I don't listen to any of the music she does- never once listened to Japanese music on there, or Undertale, or (tomy knowledge) anything relating to Starbomb (no video game music and the closest I have for comedy music is Bo Burnham).

Any ideas as to why this might be happening? Some of it traces back to me (namely the stuff from musicals) but a lot of it is weirdly her tastes, to where it's kind of a better playlist for her than me. Is there a location thing I'm not aware of? And any way I can check why it recommends the songs it does?

Thanks guys!!
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Hum this one is kind of strange. The Discover Weekly playlist is based upon content played inside the Spotify apps, and as well as the Spotify webplayer, nothing from any other video or streaming source is used as a base for music suggestions with Discover Weekly. Are you absolutely sure your GF is not using the Spotify webplayer: with your account log-in information?

Some information on how the Discover Weekly playlist works:


Users can go to their profile pages with the Spotify desktop apps, click on the user icon upper right with the down arrow ---> Select RECENTLY PLAYED ARTISTS, are any of those artists listed here? If any of these artists show here, then they have been played with your account information sometime in the past recently.