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Discovering New Songs

Discovering New Songs



Discover weekly is rubbish, I like DnB and it always contains all the songs I've already heard and have in my playlist.

I currently discover new songs by using the recommended section in the playlist itself.


Unfortunately, after 10 hours of songs added, the Recommended keeps filling with stuff I dislike. With the removal of "Dislike" it makes it difficult to now find new tunes with only 2 out of the 10 recommended being something new.


Is there another way to get recommended without it being overfilled with stuff I don't like?


Should this be a suggestion?



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If discover weekly isn't very accurate, I would suggest that you go into the 'Made For You' tab. There will be 6 "Daily Mix"s which will be based on the music you listen to an enjoy. And you can't actually run out of music as it keeps on suggesting songs based on the genre that you are listening to, and it has an option to remove from daily mix to improve the search for new music. If the daily mix doesn't suit you and discover weekly doesn't suit you, I would suggest listening to the release radar as it only has songs that are somewhat recent.


I'm not entirely sure if this counts as DnB, but this is what I listen to that is somewhat similar.


Hope that helps and makes sense.

Discover weekly really messed up recently. I used to add at least three songs to my playlist yet.. I reccommend you to use 'go to song radio' function on the songs you like. Mostly they are fine and I'm able to discover a lot of new songs that way.

The daily mixes tab should suggest new music more aligned to what you usually listen to.

The made for you tab is definitely a step in achieving more costumized music to your liking. Also try searching on playlists and it'll come up with a bunch of music personalized for you.

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