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Distrokid, Trying to connect several artist for each track on album release, help

Distrokid, Trying to connect several artist for each track on album release, help

Am about to upload a single with 4 tracks. So the release has 4 tracks. Each track is a remix (yes I'm the original artist with permission from myself). I want each remixer/artist to be featured, on THEIR remix track.

In Distrokid can only specify artist name once for the release. So I cant do it the "one track per release" way, by using & (and it detects that it's a collab = adding the track to each artists artist profile). So I can't do this (also, you are only aloud to use 3 artists, so wouldn't work anyway). 

They have their information saying you can name it (feat. artist) and then [Artist Remix) in the title. But I really really suspect that the (feat.) will appear just like that in the title. And i really dont want that. I just want the title to be: "My Song (Artist Remix) and then have it connect to that artists profile/page. 

Again, bare in mind. I cannot add them by using artist name. As i wrote, not doable here. 

Seeing all remix EPs out there, with perfect titles and different artists connected to the different tracks (see screen shot!)... I know it's possible.

Anyone done this using Distrokid? or do you HAVE to beg them in advance to connect it manually to each artist profile?

Support don't really get it. =( 

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Hi there @Ditzy_J,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


In order to get the right answers for you question i would have to mention that it's best you contact you distributor for further info.


You can either visit DistroKid's help page here or reach out to Spotify for Artists support team through this contact page.


Furthermore, i'd like to add this Spotify for Artists FAQ page as it might contain some more valuable information for you.


Hope this helps.

Good luck 🙂 

Hi! I've contacted them and as I wrote they gave me a sort of auto reply that was not the solution, I don't think they read it and just assumed I was asking about something else. 

Thanks for the link. I am still waiting for DistroKid to give me a proper solution, which there has to be. 

Hello Dizzy, did you get an answer from Distrokid ? I have the same problem and I think many others have. If yes, what is the solution ?



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