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Dj song history missing

Dj song history missing

Unable to see recently played songs when DJ is in use
10 Replies

It would be cool to revisit the playlist that the DJ AI played. I was listening to a cool playlist it created and accidentally moved on. I wanted to go back, but no way to find it out what play history it has. 

Hey @cartwrightjeff,

Thanks for reaching out.

Our developers are already aware of this and working on fixing it. In the meantime, please make sure to keep your app up-to-date.



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The problem with DJ providing new music is that currently you have to immediately hit the "like" button while the track is playing, or it is lost to the void. You need to provide what was previously played in the session so you at least have the opportunity to favorite songs. I think disabling the songs play button while in a DJ session would be fine, but you still need to at least show the history. Imo, this could be better served as a general page of all song playback (maybe something via your profile settings?). Then you could revisit over time regardless of what session played the song.

as a user I want to be able to add previously played DJ tracks to my liked songs or other playlists without having to exit out of DJ mode.

I get that the DJ doesn't have a queue, which is pretty interesting and fun, but I want to be able to go back and look at what the DJ played. I am sometimes busy doing something while a song plays and don't have the hands available to check the song to like or remember for later. It could just be like a reverse queue where the newest song is at the bottom and the songs above it have already played.

I would hope that a scrobbler like might keep track of the DJ play history. I've only listened to a few songs via DJ so far, but they've not yet showed up on my history either. Is it possible the DJ mode breaks this functionality too?

The Dj Playlist that I've listened to for a while is no longer appearing. Is this the way Dj works? Is it like daily mix that refreshes every now and then if yes is there a a way to get back a lost Dj Playlist. Any help would be greatly helpful. 

So it's been almost a year since this... progress is slow it would seem.

I went to ADD a DJ song to another playlist and accidentally HID the song from the DJ playlist, and I have NO IDEA how to go find that awesome song that I actually liked! 
How do I unhide a DJ playlist song? 

What is structurally impacting Spotify's configurations so it CANNOT show us the various DJ playlists we may have been listening to over the last month, weeks, year? 
I accidentally hid a DJ playlist song and I cannot UNHIDE it anywhere, and I really liked the song. Pretty frustrating experience. 

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