Doesn't queue frequently listened to music


Doesn't queue frequently listened to music


I have been using Spotify for about 2 and a half years now and I generally listen to all my music in a single playlist all at once. But occasionally I just want to listen to one artist. If I listen to too much of a single artist and then go back to the playlist with everything the artist that I listened to won't show up in the queue and I have to put it in there myself which is just annoying. 


I get that it's probably due to some algorithm that is trying to get you to diversify what you listen to but if I really like a band it just won't play them on shuffle. I have looked here and not found anyone else post about this so either it's only happening to me or no one else seems to care, which is baffling.


Is there a way I can turn it off or disable it? 

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Re: Doesn't queue frequently listened to music

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Hey @Newal 
Seems like you're having an issue worth investigating.
You should try deleting and reinstalling the app. Hopefully that'll fix the issue.
If not, please search for the issue in the respective help section and post there to be in the loop. If it doesn't exist you can create a new topic, so it can fixed. 🙂
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