Dr Dre Compton

Dr Dre Compton

Hi, can anyone tell me why the new album from dr dre isn't on spotify yet?
Or when it gets uploaded?

Greetings lorenzammann
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Hello @lorenzammann, Welcome to the community! 🙂


the album is only uploaded to spotify when the label company wants it to be on spotify, so my best guess is they are letting it stay off spotify for a while (hours or weeks, however long they decide) to help promote sales on other platforms (Ex: Itunes Store)


so the ETA on its release on spotify?

Whenever dr.dre decides to release it on spotify


i hope this helped 🙂

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Please read this:

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Apple has a contract with Dr. Dre and only released his album on apples new streaming music service "apple music"

Since apple music has barely any merits over Spotify, Apple has to use Console War style exclusivity tactics to make their platform relevant. Let the **bleep**show begin.

Sadly all the streaming services have resorted to this advertising type tactic. You can find some artists music at only certain services. Prince moved all his streaming content to Tidal. Dead Kennedys material is still not fully available at Spotify, only a few select songs on some releases for U.S. listeners are currently available. Spotify has exclusive artists content to stream from Pink Floyd and Rammstein for examples. It is not surprising Apple has pulled this same thing, being that The Beatles material is exclusive to the iTunes store only for digital download sales, which is sad being that a good chunk of The Beatles material is over 50 years old now. If the Stones can put their music up on streaming services, do not see why The Beatles can not do so as well? Some of the content being recorded from the late 50's, from the beginnings of the Rock 'n' Roll hey day from the 50's, the reason Pandora is arguing for public domain use on some older Beatles content and other artists output from this period. Google has just now been able to put some limited Beatles content up on their radio station system. Should not be too much longer before monopoly type tactics with regards to music are no more, streaming has opened the doors it is only a matter of time when the same material on one system is available on all services, and then things will come down to app options and the overall functionality of the service for the users. Better get them bugs worked out.

Here you go guys, just came across this playlist today created by N.W.A. artist page.


It seems that it is no longer Apple Music exclusive... 

So when can we get it?

Well, here is a link to the album on spotify although it's not available yet. Will probably go "online" in a few days at most.



The Apple exclusive thing was probably just for the initial release to bring some buzz towards Apple Music. Now it's up on tidal and google play, with spotify likely following it shortly. Fingers crossed The Chronic is back up too.

It should this friday or next friday but dre said it's coming to spotify

where did you hear that at?

Same here!


I would also like to see the source.

Dr Dre is a Executive (I think) with Apple so it would be released with Apple first for obvious reasons. http://www.macworld.com/article/2971169/streaming-services/dr-dres-apple-music-exclusive-paid-off.ht...


There are a few people who seem be sharing their playlist which does have the album

So here we are... Sept, 11th and still no Compton on Spotify, and it hasn't been an Apple Exclusive for over a week.

word its about time!!!

Well, It is not.

By the way,


Compton IS on AppleMusic, Google Play Music, Tidal,...

But not on Spotify.

More and more I'm thinking of leaving Spotify for GPM.

Pretty crazy that Dre fd us this hard. 


That's a shame!!!!!

It's on Rhapsody!!!!!

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