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Dr.dre Compton release date

Dr.dre Compton release date

When is it possible to listen to the new album?
21 Replies


I assume it will be exclusive to apple music, since Dre is working for them

Yeah, its a Apple Music only.
This is sadly true -.-
But the album is a little bit overhyped/overrated ^^


Good time to switch i guess


It's about time that Spotify allows uploading your own music like Apple and Google do, with all the exclusives coming out now on Apple Music and Tidal

So it won't be avaiable on Spotify?

Hope it eventually arrives on Spotify!

Only apple exclusive for now

I'm a huge fan of Dre...

And to be honest this is a total turn off.. At least let's us use our own FLAC files.. Sigh.

thats bull**bleep**

@redzac you can upload your own music. Just connect your phone to your computer and use the Spotify app on your computer to do it.

It was predictable, still it's a shame. Listening on the Apple Music trial version and it sounds pretty good. But after this trial I'll be damned if I buy before I try, let alone signing up to multiple streaming services.

I've got some good news. The album just turned up on google play and I've found it on spotify below: (not available yet, but it may be in a day or so)


Dr. Dre – Compton

I have a feeling it will be up this week.

Any news on Spotify release?

Would love to get a release date on this..

nobody? any ifno?

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