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Editorial Playlist Luck?

Editorial Playlist Luck?

As an artist I wanted to see if any other independent or unsigned artist has had any luck or tips on Editorial playlist placement. I enjoy Spotify with all my heart, No other music app has come close to treating artists with as much respect than the Spotify team. I'm just trying to collect some information. On my new album the first 3  songs I released have some powerhouse artists featured and my songs are going completely unnoticed even after following the "Submit to playlist consideration" and setting an Upcoming release each song atleast 2 weeks ahead of time. My new song features the band The Dangerous Summer who are a signed band featured on Spotify's biggest rock playlist "Rock This". I have a brand new song from this weekend with artist Lil Lotus featured. LiL Lotus is an artist who has mutuals with Lil Peep and is widely known in the "sad rap" genre. I have also released a single with a Myspace era band Flight 409 & my next single has Mat Devine singer of Kill Hannah, who has collaborations with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance & more. Another upcoming song on the album is produced by Jay Vee a producer and bandmate of one of Spotify's most elite "emo rap" artist Nothing, Nowhere. Needless to say there are a lot of hands are on my singles. I'm not trying to sound like a **bleep**, or boast or brag, I'm just genuinely trying to put the puzzle pieces together. I have gotten no response after submitting the songs, No playlists landed and no emails regarding not being selected. So if any DIY unsigned artist without management have been placed. Please let me know if I'm missing something. 🙂 Thank you!!

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