Explicit content

Explicit content

It's great to hear music as the artist intended it to be heard, this means Spotify can sometimes include explicit content.
We recommend looking out for the EXPLICIT tag on any releases (E on the web player).
Note: Our explicit content tags are applied based on information we receive from rights-holders. This means we can’t guarantee all explicit content is marked as such. 

Explicit content filter 

For: Mobile and tablet (more devices coming soon!)

Filter out content labelled as explicit with these steps:

  1. Tap Home .
    Got Premium? Tap Your Library .
  2. Tap Settings .
  3. Tap Explicit Content.
  4. Switch Allow Explicit Content off (gray).
  5. Tracks marked as explicit now appear grayed out. It’s not possible to play them and they are skipped over by the player.

Things to note about this setting:

  • It applies only for the individual account and device. For example, if you apply the setting on your phone, it doesn't filter explicit content for the same account on the desktop app.
  • It doesn’t apply if you use Spotify Connect to play to another device.

 Content we identify as explicit is based on information we receive from rights-holders, so we can’t guarantee that no explicit content will play with this setting. If you spot a song that needs an explicit tag, let us know by tapping  next to the song and select Report Explicit Content

For full information on this, and for more on finding clean versions we'd recommend check this Support article.

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I had the same problem and changed my Allow explicit content tab to on. But unfortunately its still the same situation, if someone can help I'd really appreciate it.. I have a Huawei P20 Pro and I only use the Spotify app on my phone and in my car.. I also attached an image to show you what I see. All 4 were gray now just 2 after I turned the AEC tab on

to find a clean version, go to the song/album release and go to the bottom and click on "1 more release"

thank you for this info, opposed to this i have many playlists saved that have been created to be clean and family friendlyThanks CEO Of:: Talkbaze

gee thanks

Play all the music you want, choose which one has explicit content. It shows you by showing the symbol “e”


this sounds really dumb but you can also turn down the song if you know there’s a bad word 

i was able to find very quickly thanks

Here's to you and your clean family friendly songs;


<image removed by mod>


They've bern censored. The same thing has happened to everyone. Spotify says if you have greyed songs and/or playlists they are involved in licensing disputes, but that is a half truth. I'm sure they are with some artists, but that also indicates censuring of your content. Welcome to 1984 in 2019. 

Hey you guys need to remove some bands and stop reccomending them to me! They have pornography all over the album covers! IT NEEDS TO STOP!!!!! NOW! SPOTIFY!

Hi Spotify team, not sure if this is the best way to send in a request for a potential feature, so please let me know if there is a different way. I am a mom of two younger kids and would love to have a way to skip Explicit content/or temporarily disable it in a playlist. I would think this would also be handy to other users, whose have playlists with mixed Explicit and none Explicit songs and are playing them at a gathering. Thank you for your consideration. 

We all need an option to only play a clean or radio version of a song.  There are plenty of reasons for this that don't include artist censorship.  If they provide the songs for the radio, it should be provided on Spotify too.  Why am I paying $10.**bleep** a month for a premium version of the service to not be able to find a clean version to play?

I notice that all the explicit songs are greyed out and I have no way to get rid of this filter. I tried everything. Can someone help?

you have to first get spotify premium to get access to these settings, for nw i would try to just listen to music without cursing in them have a good day!

Just dont listen to songs with swearing in them.

Hello and thank you for responding, but I'm not quite sure we are on the
same page. I want songs with swearing in them. Idk what I asked, but I know
I would never want to censor { or is it censure?] a song. I was very bent
out of shape about my playlists being censored starting January 2017, and I
sent off some heated emails to Spotify and YouTube back in 2017. Well you
know what, the music has come back uncensored [well, just a little bit} but
I'm happy about it, very happy. I won't get into how and why it came back,
[it's pretty obvious what the return of uncensored music aligns with
politically, enough said}. I see Spotify and YouTube were most likely "held
hostage" so to speak. I don't fault either anymore. I think there is a
scary trend toward people being dismissive of artists intentions. They
don't want to hear explicit music [ and by that, I mean" Welcome to the
Ghetto". I don't do swearing for swearings sake. Emphasis is key], they
want to be lulled into a state of imaginary grace.

  1. Please extend the "Report Explicit Content" function to the desktop and web player apps. As far as I can tell, it's only available to me on my mobile app (iOS). 
  2. Actually follow-through to review the song whenever users flag a song as explicit.
  3. Add functionality to mark album cover/artwork as explicit as well.

Thank you.

I find it a bit... seedy that you have to PAY for Premium to block explicit content on mobile. I know for a fact that you can block explicit content on the desktop app, but you need to constantly update it, or it doesn't always work.

Spotify will simply not play it, effectively skipping it.

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