Explicit images on Spotify

Explicit images on Spotify

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My family and I share a Spotify account. My children now have access to borderline pornographic images that are NOT music.  I cannot delete nor remove this channel ('podcast') from my account.  Spotify - if you are willing to label a song 'EXPLICIT' due to a curse word or two, PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU - either find a way to label these so-called 'podcasts' - which are simply lamely disguised pornography - or remove them altogether.  I will be cancelling my subscription if there's not a way to remove this garbage.  There are enough avenues to **bleep** online, do we really need another?

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Hi there @angrymom22,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community about this.


Unfortunately, there is no way to remove recommended content from your landing page. You can add your +Vote to this Idea here, as other users have requested this feature.


If you feel like certain content should be marked as Explicit, you can always report it by following the steps in this article.


On another note, you might consider using Spotify Kids and making separate accounts for your children. The Spotify Kids catalogue is specially curated for young listeners and does not include explicit songs, podcast or album covers.


Hope you find this info helpful.

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