Explicit lyrics designation


Explicit lyrics designation


I guess the explicit  tagcomes directly from the music prodution companies, and if they have it, then Spotify puts in the graphic but wow- they seem to not have any real set standards for that identification.


For instance, Bruno Mars' new single 24K Magic is filled with curse words and sexually sugestive lyrics, but is not labeled right-

whereas Rhinnah's Stay, while topically could be considered definitely adult, especially considering her past, coloring the lyrics much more intimate, there are no curse words or direct images or references. I have been able to dilute down the ideas and explain it to my 6 year old.


So- maybe it's kind of like the music industry and the MPAA. Maybe there are no specific direct rules. Maybe there is no overall group-- but if I wanted to address this with someone, who would I contact?

Thanks for your time.

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Hey @SeaNet


Sorry for the late reply.


This is one of the problems currently in the music industry. Artists and labels are supposed to mark their music as explicit before it is sent out to all the music services. However, some do not. Since so much new music is being released every single day, it is hard for Spotify to go through all the music to make sure it is properly marked. That is why it is left for the artist and the label to mark it when they are uploading their music to be released. There is really nothing Spotify can do about this (it's a music industry wide problem), but if you do want a way to filter out the songs that have been marked explicit, then check out this idea:


Re: Explicit lyrics designation

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Hi guys,


Is the**bleep**' enough to make it explicit?

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Hey @dmajor7ths 


I'm not really sure what the word was (Community censorship), but if you don't want to hear young kids saying this word, it's probably enough. :)


The "cuss word tolerance" is individually different, but the tag should make sure that most are happy with the explicit filtering.


Hope that helps, have a nice day!

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