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Florida Georgia Lines new album

Florida Georgia Lines new album

I was wondering why florida georgia lines new album isnt on spotify but certain songs they released before it came out are. Are they going to put the rest of the album up? A lot of songs keep disappering and it's beginning to not be worth it. 

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YESSS!!! when is Dig your roots going up on Spotify??? Im almost tempted to just buy it off itunes


It's been 3 days since its releases and it still isn't on Spotify or Amazon Music or Deezer music. It's ticking me off really bad.


I have also been wondering this too. I dont mine waiting a little if i know when its going to be released. It would be nice to get an update on such a big album. Getting antsy and it makes me tempted to switch to Apple Music when I am no longer getting a student rate for spotify use haha.


I went and bought it because I was sick of annoying because all the singles were available right away.

Yea lots of songs are on Spotify from the album but not the album itself I keep checking everyday and it's pissing this paying user who is a huge fan of them off so much

I was also wondering why the new album is not on spotify? If it not licensed to you, it would be nice to know, so I can look for an alternative streaming source. I can deal with knowing it will not be available .... I just hate the waiting and not knowing. Hopefully someone from spotify will respond.

Just an update the all the singles have gone too ) ;

Yeah!!! **bleep** happened??? 😞

They just put it up!!!


It's available now!!

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