Good Information/How Do I Take Advantage Of It?


Good Information/How Do I Take Advantage Of It?


Hey, Everyone


I just found this, a night or two ago. It's helpful, and even though I don't agree with all of it as helpful, while some of it is obvious, I have questions on how to take advantage of some of it.


Relating to the paragraphs from this article (below), how do I find this information, if, according to another article, it is no longer available on desktop, and I don't see it in the mobile application, either?


What’s actually important is the number of monthly listeners your playlist generates for artists. A playlist with 10,000 followers may look really good and draw attention to your profile, but if 9,996 of those followers are inactive, your playlist is worthless.


Checking artists’ “Discovered On” for your playlist(s) is a good way to get a sense of how active your playlist is.


Also, does anyone know anything about Playlist Push or and the statistics that it shows you?