Harry Styles Debut 'Glitch'

Harry Styles Debut 'Glitch'


Hello. I wanted some questions answered and tweets of ambiguity from SpotifyCares/Spotify weren't satisifying.

On April 7th, Harry Styles debuted his first single "Sign of the Times". But there was a glitch that was reported early in its release that was only solved about 26 hours after the release which lead to a loss of plays/streams on the first day (which no one seems to care about).

I would like to have that 'glitch' explained and cleared up because it seemed to only be happening to that one song. Searching/playing the song was impossible for many the counts were apparently lost and apparently cannot be replaced. It's completely unfair that a debut artist's frist day of streams are completely lost. Is there absolutely no record of any of the streams of that day? What about the people who did have it available and streamed it? Nothing is making sense.

I feel like the situation could have been handled a lot better. If someone could explain the glitch to another person with a strong techincal background, it would be much appreciated.

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