Homer Trask, Uptown Blues Album

Homer Trask, Uptown Blues Album

When I first started Spotify in December 2016, I was able to play the Piano Blues music of artist Homer Trask and the album by him "Uptown Blues" . But now it is not playable anymore and not on the list. What happened. I can't even find this artist or his music on the internet ?  Anybody have any Ideas about this? Comments ?

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Yeah man, I just ran into the odd issue of trying to find any information on this artist as well. Even MusiXmatch has the artist with missing lyrics, but that is not a big issue as their service is crowd based, meaning users add lyrics all the time, including from publishing companies that control the release of official lyrics to written songs to the lyric service, since lyrics is published written content.


I did manage to get an album link on the Spotify service from a Google search, here is the album link but the content is not available on the Spotify service, and the artist page has no content information on it:



Weird one, I did not even find anything at Amazon.com nor just looking on the digital buying through iTunes, nothing. I did come across a questionable website that seems to have "links" to the music, but I will not link to it as that is against the terms here on the community.


You might take a long shot at Allmusic.com, looking to see if they have any information on this artist on their service? I tried searching but hundreds of returns are coming up for this artist name, and I do not have the time to look through all the search page returns. Over a 1000+ returns under Albums came back just from the keyword search "Uptown Blues", good luck. 🙂

Thanks for the reply friend. It is odd, cant figure it out. Homer Trask at
1st was on spotify and I was able to listen to the entire album "uptown
Blues" but then they pulled it off? Maybe not enough followers. I guess
spotify changes/adds/removes tunes according to how many followers. I can't
even find on internet searches any info on the artist homer trask. Only
some geneology info which is apparently not the musician homer trask. He
seems to be very obscure.....but I love his piano music.....thanks again

Correction on the album..........It's Called "Westside Blues"



Just an FYI labels, media aggregation services, and artists upload the content on the Spotify service, and control when the content is and is not available on the Spotify service.


I just double checked the release label information from the album link I provided in the above post, seems to be indie self released, this makes it hard to know what aggregation service the artist used to make the content available on the Spotify service.

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