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Help! Music Unavailable!

Help! Music Unavailable!

I'm writing this on August 21st, but yesterday I was listening to my favorite artist on Spotify. Sometime yesterday, all of his songs and albums became unavailable. I have Spotify Premium for about a week longer as I'm typing this. His name was "Klaus Wunderlich" I downloaded a lot of his albums and always enjoyed listening to his music. I noticed his channel on YouTube also had all of his songs and albums become unavailable. I don't know what happened. Everything was fine until yesterday, and all of a sudden all of his music was made unavailable. I was just hoping if there is a way to fix this? Maybe there is a way to make his music available again? Or maybe an explanation as to what happened to his music is something that I would definitely appreciate! I hope someone can help me. Thank you. 


I'll give some of my information in hopes that it will help.

I use a lot of platforms to play Spotify, but I mostly use my iPhone 7

My country is the United States

Ive had Premium for almost 3 months now, it expires in about a week. Thank you again.

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Yeah, that's weird. I'm a fan of Klaus Wunderlich myself. Did a search and all his music is greyed out. Must be a copyright thing.



It looks like there's some major changes going on. I can see his music (none of what i see is greyed out for me), but there is no artist image, which is strange.
I couldn't find anyone mentioning anything about why Klaus Wunderlich music is unavailable, but I hope it's a temporary thing and his music is back on streaming in all regions soon ๐Ÿ™‚
Music can disappear from the platform for many reasons. Labels stopping operating, distributors changing and rightsholders' decisions are some of many causes why a song may suddenly become greyed out / hidden.


Have a nice day!

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Thank you! That makes sense, I hope I can play his music again! Have a good day!

Yeah, it is weird. I pointed this out already, but his music isnโ€™t on YouTube either, at least itโ€™s not under his Topic YouTube channel anymore, itโ€™s all not available for me on YouTube as well. 

TicoTico - 1976 is back up! And nothing else ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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