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Help! Music Unavailable!

Help! Music Unavailable!

I'm writing this on August 21st, but yesterday I was listening to my favorite artist on Spotify. Sometime yesterday, all of his songs and albums became unavailable. I have Spotify Premium for about a week longer as I'm typing this. His name was "Klaus Wunderlich" I downloaded a lot of his albums and always enjoyed listening to his music. I noticed his channel on YouTube also had all of his songs and albums become unavailable. I don't know what happened. Everything was fine until yesterday, and all of a sudden all of his music was made unavailable. I was just hoping if there is a way to fix this? Maybe there is a way to make his music available again? Or maybe an explanation as to what happened to his music is something that I would definitely appreciate! I hope someone can help me. Thank you. 


I'll give some of my information in hopes that it will help.

I use a lot of platforms to play Spotify, but I mostly use my iPhone 7

My country is the United States

Ive had Premium for almost 3 months now, it expires in about a week. Thank you again.

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Yeah, that's weird. I'm a fan of Klaus Wunderlich myself. Did a search and all his music is greyed out. Must be a copyright thing.



It looks like there's some major changes going on. I can see his music (none of what i see is greyed out for me), but there is no artist image, which is strange.
I couldn't find anyone mentioning anything about why Klaus Wunderlich music is unavailable, but I hope it's a temporary thing and his music is back on streaming in all regions soon 🙂
Music can disappear from the platform for many reasons. Labels stopping operating, distributors changing and rightsholders' decisions are some of many causes why a song may suddenly become greyed out / hidden.


Have a nice day!

Thank you! That makes sense, I hope I can play his music again! Have a good day!

Yeah, it is weird. I pointed this out already, but his music isn’t on YouTube either, at least it’s not under his Topic YouTube channel anymore, it’s all not available for me on YouTube as well. 

TicoTico - 1976 is back up! And nothing else 😭

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