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House Music

House Music

Dear Spotify,

Your "House music" selection is horrendous. I'm pretty sure whoever is responsible for generating the house music playlist is SERIOUSLY confusing House Music with other forms of electronic garbage such as Dance, Pop, and other un-rhythmic loud noise music. See, I'm part of the 80's generation and so I grew up in the peak of House music, in the Late 90's early 2000's. What House music was back was more like electronic Soul music. The playlist you keep generating is this washed down pop garbage.

Now let me extend an olive branch here. I know there are people out there who actually like listening to this kind of music, which is totally fine and nothing to be ashamed of. Heck, I like to listen to it sometimes if I’m being completely honest. However most of the time I feel like killing myself when listen to your playlist

The least you can do is take some inspiration from old school House DJ royalties like Nick Warren, John Digweed, Deep Dish and even the God Father of House himself Frankie Knuckles, and generate more rich music content. Yes I know I could simply listen to these legendary sets, but I want to hear some new stuff from DJ’s who actually play house music to the core.

Please anybody tell me if I’m the only one who feels this way about the state of House these days?! I don’t know anymore.

Anyways Spotify, please do something to improve your House music content.

4 Replies

Would you classify this as house

Some of their "House" stuff is just popular electronic artists from these days. I personally find most of their electronic playlists consisting of the same 10 popular artists which everyone knows the songs.



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