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How can I correct a misspelled song title?

How can I correct a misspelled song title?

I'm an artist - my album We Are Climbing Angel Mountain was released last Friday March 3rd. One of the song titles is wrong. My label sent an update as soon as we realised, but nothing's changed. I would really like it changed as soon as possible. Does anyone know what I can do to hurry things up? 


The URL is spotify:track:7zlRayC9b3yyyzQh74KKMQ

3 Replies

The title currently reads 'Long After The Night' but it should be 'Long After The Light'. 





Would this be the release you are waiting on to be updated from a label supplied re-upload?



What I can do is escalate this thread and see if the Spotify mods can poke a team member that might have an idea where the new updated release is at in the upload queue? 

@user-removed Thanks for jumping in here and escalating.


Hey @rhyswilliams2!

That's not cool. Unfortunately, we have no way to update this manually but don't worry. We receive all our content via metadata from your distributor/label. If you've submitted the change with them, it should appear in Spotify soon. 


Check out more here.


We hope this helps. Give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with 🙂

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