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How can we send a message to a playlist curator on Spotify?

How can we send a message to a playlist curator on Spotify?

Hi everyone! 


How can we send a message to a playlist curator directly on Spotify? 


I know that you can send a message to various playliste curators by first seeing their full name and then messaging them on facebook / instagram  (via searching for their name and hoping it's them). 


But what about the accounts that have a username (eg: valencemusic)? How can we contact them?


Thanks guys!



3 Replies

Hi @ValenceMusic

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Please check out this thread i found within the community's history for further info.


Hope this sheds some light 🙂

Thank you so much 🙂

Ive read that thread - but i think its a bit old - so it doesn't apply for now I think ?

There is no way to directly contact playlist curators in the spotify client, as far as I understand. Your only "interaction" with other users seem to be limited to "following" someone which mostly allow you to see what music they are playing in semi-realtime if they have enabled letting followers view that, and to more easily access and remember profile.

If they have a username, you have to hope that that they use the same username somewhere else on the net (like on these forums), search for them, and gamble that you found the correct user (and that they bother responding).


Edit: Actually there may be some other features which artists have access to for all I know, since I haven't tested spotify for artists to see if there are any additional functionality for them, but the above are what options seem to be available for regular users.

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