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How do I remove these kind of ads from Spotify?

How do I remove these kind of ads from Spotify?

I use Android with Spotify Premium but get the attached type of Ads.

I do not want any ads. I'm paying for that.


( I couldn't care less about David Guettas new release)




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The only answer to that is pirating. I doubt Spotify will let us filter out these ads even though we're paying customers. Getting pop-ups for every gimmick they come up with that doesn't function properly, that concert you never had any interest in going to, the new merch from an artist you've never wanted before. It will always be on spotify, unfortunately. These suggestion and help boards are largely to assuage people momentarily until they forget their complaint, not change things spotify knows they can use to bilk more money out of all consumers.


In order to have that type of change you'd need very large portions of their customers to complain, and even then I've seen them just shut down the suggestion board on topics that get too popular if they don't agree with it like changing the heart/like button. 

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