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How do i use Spotify and view and listen to new music

How do i use Spotify and view and listen to new music

How do i see all of the new music that is popular in my area, and all of the new music that is popular and new and added weekly?


I only see "playlists" that are all very alike... all of the music is compiled of music from the last 10 years and there are many of those playlists, one after the other on the beginning Spotify app screen. 


I don't mean "hits" or re-releases/re-mixes .


I mean new music artists and new music that is added daily, nationally and globally. 


What I can see and view is too alike search and simila apps... it's as if maybe the app has known what I want and playlists were created that were what the app "thought" I probably want to listen to... I don't want to listen to Han Solo everyday and I'm not so stupid that I think that's very popular today (the music, those exact songs, the requests for those remixes/cover/re-releases, that "artist") and everyday. 


Also, nearly every song from a black artist is about New York and/or mentions thier mom and/or a dad... that is what I hear when I listen. The songs take up much time to load and sometimes they never do load so I touch "back".


I don't think that what's shown is what the song is actually... I don't think that's what the song is about and that's not the song that is listed... sometimes I play Rihanna song and it's a woman singing Rihanna somewhat, but it's not actually the music artist Rihanna.


I've had different versions of Spotify and some were from Playstore, some were not but I've had some of this problem using any of the Spotify apps.


I've had trials and subscriptions and no subscription and I've had some of those problems.


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