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How i can save my queue ?

How i can save my queue ?

Im Itarted shufle playing from my song. I listened to music from this queue a bit and I wanted to listen to songs from another playlist through shufle plauy, after I started listening to this other playlist, my queue from my songs was destroyed. How can I save my queue from my song so that I can continue to listen to it? And i dont want to create playlist and copy my queue to him. Thats not real on android for example.

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Dear Vadya,


I tested it on my android device and it works like this:


You add songs to queue

You click the shuffle button (then only 1 song plays from this playlist)

The queue continues

The playlist that you clicked the shuffle button continues


Saving queues is not an option right now, maybe suggest it on this community forum?


The best!

Use the connect to a device symbol to play your music on your computer and save the queue to a new playlist from there.

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