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How to edit the suggestions i see

How to edit the suggestions i see







Samsung S20 FE

Operating System



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How do i get rid of the playlists I donot wan to see? There are tons of pods asts I have no interest in, tons of news I have no interest in, and the kicker is that when I get to music it makes suggestions based on the ethnicity of an artist. I dont want to hear the trending podcast being promoted, I do not want to watch news outside of the news I subscribe to, I do not care what ethnic group an an artist is from I care about good to me music.



PLEASE tell me how i can get rid of the junk, and just have music suggestions, preferably based on what I listen to, or at a minimum how do i get rid of the playlists that waste my time and make me scroll further and further. Also how do I get my discover weekly back toward the top? I seem to have to dig for it now.


Is there a solution to any of these issues im facing? I feel like the experience is bloated with junk I don't want to see now. It used to not be this bad.

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Hi there @AdrianM0073,


Thanks for the post.


I understand that you don't want to see a bunch of content unrelated to your interests. 


Currently there is no way to manually remove those recommendations from your landing page. They are automatically generated based on your listening activity and what is most popular with other users who listen to similar content as you. This includes music artists you might like and podcasts. What you can do is to listen to more of your favorite content without Private Session switched on. The algorithm updates over time and is supposed to give you better recommendations.


You can add your +Vote to this Idea about Home Screen customization. The status 'Not Right Now' means that this isn't something that will be released as a feature in the next app update, but it doesn't mean that it's not going to happen. In general, the more votes an idea gets, the more likely it is to get implemented. 


Hope this info helps.

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