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How to remove podcasts or unlike them or flag them inappropriate ?

How to remove podcasts or unlike them or flag them inappropriate ?

I'm being shown unacceptable content in the podcast feed. I don't even like podcasts, I just left one running by mistake once, that I didn't even pick. Now I'm shown the most extremist political stuff I've ever seen and have no way to dislike, flag them inappropiate, block, remove, report, or anything. If possible I'd like to remove the whole podcast feed, as mentioned above, I DON'T LIKE PODCASTS.

Please help me. If I can't fix this soon I will have to end my subscription and pick a different service and make all my playlists again. I need spotify at work and I can't have it show this kind of podcasts in my home screen.

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+1 on this feature. I don't want to use a service that won't let me curate hate content out of its recommendations.

I can't believe I've endured this for years. I'm getting rid of my spotify subscription, I can't give money to an organization that funds hateful people who want me and my lgbt friends dead.

your a liar


can you share which device you're using? Tried on iPhone, desktop app and via website, and nothing.

I stupidly listened to a disgusting mysoginistic individual, not Joe Rogan btw, and now his newest episode is always a top suggestion...








My Question or Issue

I've listened to a certain podcast and now this podcast (and others from this category) gets shown on my spotify homescreen. I can't find a way to remove this podcast out of my history or hide it from my suggestions.

I also use spotify at work and it's not so funny seeing this suggestions on my spotify home screen...

Someone can help?

And now they're pushing fascist sympathizers on their front page. The **bleep** is wrong with this company?

I am in the same position! I let my nephew use my phone and they ended up finding spotify to play the absolute worst podcasts... and now spotify thinks i want to hear this. 



Maybe it is time to quit anyhow... the service isn't getting better, it's getting bloated and unmanageable. I'd love to see it improve again, and take into account our own choices more than relying on "past defines present" design. It's lazy and stupid, and so much of the service is good for being able to try things out and discover whether they're for you or not... but that net positive is absolutely crushed by not being able to tell spotify what you don't like!

Replying to this, as apparently there is no way for me to create my own issue.  To anyone reading this, I would suggest that if you are having this issue, send a strong message to decision makers at Spotify and cancel your account.  There are many alternatives now that listen to their users, and have AI that actually works and make better suggestions for things you might be interested in, and leave you alone if you are not interested in something like podcasts, or gay dating advice.  BTW, if ANYONE at Spotify is paying attention to what people are saying, in stead of looking at their stupid dashboard reports, you might start to get an understanding that your AI DOESN'T WORK!  I get the WORST suggestions, even just for music that I might like, that are obviously based on the assumption that if I played a song from a given genre for 30 seconds, that now that is all I want to listen to, and every suggestion from that point forward is from that genre.  I ESPECIALLY like how, if I select to IGNORE a song it just greys it out.  How about letting me remove it from my list.  Do you (SPOTIFY and your arrogant developers and executives) think you know what I like better than me?


I am VERY close to cancelling my account at this point, and don't think I am alone!  For every person who takes the time to speak up, there are thousands who feel the same, but don't take the time to voice their opinion.  However, since it is apparent to me that SPOTIFY doesn't care about the opinions of their users, I'm not expecting much here.

thank you for posting this I have the same problem ❤️

I have the same problem, only today spotify decided that I wanted to listen to "True Crime" podcasts. The cover images of these are visually disturbing. I should have the ability to mark content as in appropriate on my own home screen. I'm sorta okay with spotify suggesting even remotely relevant suggestions, but I'm 100% NOT OKAY with having to scroll past a bunch of gruesome true crime podcasts (especially in the middle of my workday).

You still subscribed? Lol. I'm getting really frustrated with them. Now today they have messed something up and the Recently Played bar on the home screen is gone! That is the main feature of Spotify that I actually use. 

there’s an option to click “not interested” but it’s only for 90 days. at least that’s what it says, bc i when click it it’ll just reappear five minutes later and suddenly i can’t even click “not interested” anymore. i’m starting to get weird political and nsfw podcasts that i have no interest in listening to and it’s embarrassing 

Ok Spotify, just fired up my computer to go to your website and cancel my subscription. 



Apple, here I come. You can kiss my ass Spotify. 

I ended my suscription more than a year ago now. To be honest, Youtube Music is best.
It displays only music and videos. If I want a podcast, I'll go to my regular youtube premium, it even has video.
Spotify is just a sub-par service, it's inferior in all aspects except maybe in the curation of lyrics.

I am also receiving suggestions about Podcasts with content I do not want to listen to. I need Spotify to add a "stop showing me podcasts like this" feature, or at least a way to remove them from my feed.   

2024 and Spotify still ignores the problem, as a paying customer this disappointed me

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