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I don't get updates or new episodes for podcasts.

I don't get updates or new episodes for podcasts.

My account is based in Tbilisi, Georgia, where we can't see videos on podcasts. I mainly listen to Joe Rogan and Lex Fridman. Everything was fine until new year, since 2023 I don't get new Episodes on these podcasts, which I know exists because we checked with Spotify advisor in chat, and I can also see new clips on YouTube. So, my question is there any bug or spotify blacklisted my country for podcast updates.
2 Replies

Hey! Welcome to our community! Did you know that video podcasts are being rolled out gradually? Many countries can already participate and we hope that this will also be possible in Georgia soon. As for updates, unfortunately, this could be due to restrictions in some countries, and in such cases, Spotify has little to do. But rest assured, the intention is to allow podcast lovers to enjoy the benefits of Spotify as soon as possible. Sorry I can't be of more help in your case. A big hug and a great week!

Thanks for reaching out and trying to help.



But there are no restrictions on videos, podcasts, or anything else related to the internet in my nation. I can view old podcasts and it hasn't updated since 2023, therefore something is wrong with Spotify's policies.

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