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I search a song stuck in my head

I search a song stuck in my head

Hi dear community, I search a song that begin with a dying old man in his bed inside a hospital. He is reading a paper when  his soul is taken by the page. I know it sound wierd but believe me it's an amazing song. And the singer is a female who takes souls and place them inside a briefcase. The song style seems like kind of Halestorm style. There is also a couple enraged and one shoot another. The song is about a game, a stake, losing, i don't remenber clearly but I do remember there is a repetition in the song many time. and the song begin with a synthetics songs piano style. Ive been searching for four days now youtube google geniuslyrics,viewed video, liked videos, my favourites I cant find it. If you got any clue let me know please. 


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I would say type the lyrics in on YouTube then come back when you find the title. That’s what I do. 


Hope it helped you a little bro good luck with your search 🙏🏾

Thank you man, but i've just search for 2 hours on youtube by lyrics and on google by descritpion i've even checked all my liked and favourite. I have'nt found it yet but I will!

Hi EddieMalou23,

I once used an app called SoundHound, it's downloadable in Google Play Store and the App Store. It allows you to sing or hum a song and attempts to find a match. Sometimes it works, hope it works for you!

I downloaded the app and tried to play the song on my piano but didin't work.  Thank you for the help 😉

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