In Flames albums removed

In Flames albums removed


Hello, Im a massive In Flames fan and Ive noticed that many albums has been removed the last couple of days. Everything older than Come Clarity is now missing. Anyone knows whats up?


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Same here (i'm from Brazil).


All albums before Sounds of a Playground Fading is missing, including Come Clarity.






Damn, that sucks. Im from Norway btw, hope the albums will be on spotify again soon. I own most of the albums but nothing beats the convinience  of spotify when you are out and about at work.

Some transparency would be nice! Spotify, please explain what is happening here! Your customers should know if unresolved contract issues could affect their experience on your product. Why do we have to find out by suddenly not having libraries we had only days before?


Same here in Switzerland 😞

Looking forward to listen to the old albums on Spotify again

This effin SUCKS and it's not the first time to happen! Most probably this is another ****-up by greedy music labels. This is the kind of thing to push paying subscribers back towards piracy. Your loss, label bosses.

Same in Finland. All the best albums are gone. I used to listen to Jester Race and Whoracle almost daily 😞


Same. Hoping to add onto the number of comments to get an answer from Spotify.  I use old In Flames (Reroute to Remain, Clayman, Whoracle, Colony, etc) to help me work.


This is 100% enough of a reason for me to leave Spotify if this isn't an accident.


Seems it is everywhere. Same here in France :'( I hope they will come back soon!


Same here (From Peru)

Someone please keep updating the band's social pages to see whats woing on 


Literally about to cancel my subscription if they don’t put the albums back SOS 


Same in USA. Spotify, in flames is the reason I subscribed. Fix this or I'm out. ASAP. I'M **bleep**



So it IS a glitch



In Canada, all gone here too

Same here in the US. It's global, looks like.


**bleep** in Italy, personally Spotify removed every album I used to listen (love old In Flames, new are nice but nothing more).


Dunno if it was a Nuclear Blast' choise or Spotify, hope to see them back soon

Hi, In Flames addressed this on their Twitter page. They said that it is a glitch and that they are working to correct it. Hopefully it's soon.


Yeah man I'll admit I was pretty **bleep** at first. We gotta get this message out there so it gets attention, hopefully it'll get fixed soon but in flames responded on Twitter. No need to go crazy and delete spotify or boycott the band or anything, it was an accident. Let's just support the band and the platform and hope it gets fixed asap


Never was going to boycott the band. Die hard fan here. Met them twice. 

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