Incorrect artist linked to song/album. (other)

Incorrect artist linked to song/album. (other)

"Los Tres" is a Chilean rock band wich has two albums in its spotify page that arent theirs.

These albums are from other "Los Tres" band.

These albums are: "Los Tres Con ella" (2013) and "Guitarras de Ecuador" (2011).

Its pretty annoying when you are listening to this band and you get songs from theese two albums.

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has nobody replied to assist here? shame!





Apologizes, seems this post fell through the cracks from not getting a response. Content meta data errors like this with two artists with the same artist name are on the same artist page can be reported by following the information in this thread here:


Although this post is 5 years old...

the problem of missattributed songs is still an issue.

I stumbled over this thread several times

The Link/Thread


DOES NOT WORK (at least not for me - I'm getting a notification that I do not have the permission to see it...)


If someone has a solution that works / place to report such issues, feel free, to reply.

In case I'm the only one having the problem (top)... feel also free to write that down.

Hey there folks, 


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 


If you notice a track or an album on Spotify isn't playing correctly, or the information (title, cover art, release date) is incorrect, you can report it to us. 


Check out this help page and follow the steps on how to report the issue you've spotted. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions. 

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