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Information about why you received a violation report

Information about why you received a violation report

Dear community,

As a huge music fan, I have been making Spotify playlists for quite some time now. I did recently however start to receive takedown notifications that state that there has been a violation. In those e-mails, they point toward all the general documentation about their terms and conditions.

Since I did read them multiple times, checked all the copyrights, tried to e-mail them back, contact support and get on Twitter already I'm desperate since no one seems to be able to tell me what the violation is, and my playlist gets taken down (stripped from the image, title & description) again and again.

This is the playlist:
I hope someone can help me out!
3 Replies

Hi! Welcome to our community! I'll try to explain some reasons why a playlist might be removed from Spotify. I'm not saying that you're doing anything like that, it's more for you to understand the reasons.

Spotify has a set of guidelines and policies that users must follow to ensure that the platform is used in a responsible and ethical manner. If a playlist is detected violating these guidelines, such as infringing on copyrights, transmitting offensive or inappropriate content, or commercially exploiting space, it may be removed from the platform. In addition, unauthorized use of logos or buying or selling followers or listeners is also prohibited and can result in the removal of the playlist. The goal is to keep the platform clean and safe for all users.

Unfortunately, we don't have much to do here. These issues really need to be seen with support, sorry I can't help much.

Thanks for your reply Geovanebento, I'm aware of all of these things, and
as far as I can tell I follow their guidelines in all these matters. I hope
someone can spot the error or has a clue on what could be the potential
trigger for Spotify and/or any tips on how to get in contact with them
regarding this issue since I don't seem to be able to reach them.

Done some more digging, and here is the rest of the shitstorm playlist makers are experiencing:

And if you read those comments it seems like a lack of communication is the "normal" way of dealing with this situation and the takedown action (removing, image, title & description) is automated and based on other (bot) users reports.

Although the support keeps on telling me to "wait" for a reply it seems this is an issue that requires changes on Spotify's side to get resolved to keep their ambassadors on board.

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