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Is it possible for a third-party iOS app to access and use downloaded songs from the Spotify app?

Is it possible for a third-party iOS app to access and use downloaded songs from the Spotify app?

This is a programming question intended for the devs at Spotify, as I don’t know much about Spofity’s API and am looking at it to possibly write an app in the future, (maybe for the Apple Watch). I know that third-party apps require you to log in to Spotify to use them, but after logging in, can they access and change which songs are downloaded on the device? Is it possible for a third-party app to also download songs separate from the actual Spotify app? (and not violate some sort of terms of service) I’ve not had success using Pacemaker or Djay Pro. 




2 Replies

This is from the API’s Terms of service Restrictions section, it’s a little confusing for me:

  1. Local caching. Except as set out in this paragraph, you will not locally cache any Spotify Content. Only when strictly necessary to enhance the performance of your SDA and its functionality, your SDA may locally cache (i) metadata and cover art or (ii) Conditional Downloads of sound recordings. Caching of Conditional Downloads of sound recordings under clause (ii) shall only be available to subscribers to the Premium Service. “Conditional Downloads” means time-limited offline syncing that is available to subscribers to our Premium Service.

Hey @IanTheG,

Thanks for coming to the Community 🙂

This sounds like a question the developer site would be better at lending a hand with. You can check this out here.

There's also a section on the API here.

Let us know if you still have any questions 🙂

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