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Is there a way to get discounted off my subscription so I don't have to subsidize Joe Rogan?

Is there a way to get discounted off my subscription so I don't have to subsidize Joe Rogan?

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I'm offended that my part of my premium membership goes towards subsidizing Joe Rogan's podcast, which perpetuates a lot of deadly misinformation about vaccines. Even if it is a miniscule amount, I do not want any of my money going to him. Can you please help me out? If not, I will consider canceling my 9 year subscription. I don't want to do business with a company that elevates dangerous and deadly disinformation. I'm very disappointed with Spotify because of this. I'd rather pay more for a company that has some standards.


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Joe Rogan has enough listeners, money, and support to run his podcast for the next 50 years without commercials. He's already been paid and he greatly appreciates your contribution.


Yet what I don't appreciate is dullards like you who continue to support two years of failed covid policy that have lead to more record deaths, human misery, and a world economy that is broken for a generation.


You have contributed to the deaths of thousands by supporting a vaccine-only solution while helping to suppress scientifically proven treatments and therapeutics.


Your authoritarian anti-scientific-discourse stance will be the death of Western civilization.


I don't care how much money he has. He's still wrong. Money isn't a proxy for morality or ethics. Lots of people with lots of money are sociopaths.


Joe Rogan routinely has anti Trans guests. He routinely shares eugenic and racist beliefs about black people. He routinely spouts unscientific nonsense about vaccines and quack cures for COVID19. The information he repeats is deadly and has consequences and Spotify is fine with it because they make money.


How do you know what my COVID politics are? I am pro-vaccine and think everyone who can safely get vaccinated should do so! Vaccines are the single greatest medical innovation in human history. It's not even close. Also, the economy was "broken for a generation" long before COVID19 hit. It's not nearly the profound statement you think it is. You have 85 people in the world who have as much money as the bottom half of the world's population. I'd say "broken for a generation" is actually an optimistic take.


Anyways, I'm leaving. Let me sum up.

Spotify would rather support Joe Rogan than pay music artists what their worth. Spotify would rather support Joe Rogan than make CD quality streaming available to their customers.

I'm leaving Spotify.

Qobuz, Tidal and even Deezer have HiFi streaming.  They all sound better than Spotify and have the added bonus of no Joe Rogan.


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