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Hi all , I am new to this bloggy thingy lark , but being reasonably old , but very musically orientated , I would love Spotify to get It Bites to allow them to put their album " The Tall Ships " on Spotify. I am a great fan , have all their early work , You need to try and include " Eat me in St Louis " Also. Thanks in anticipation.

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Hey @Steve1952


Welcome to the community! Thanks for posting your suggestion. 

Please read this:

The availability of music on Spotify is up to the artist and their music label.


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I too am a big It Bites fan and was missing the "Eat Me In St. Louis" album, but just noticed all the tracks are included in the "Whole New World" collection. :-)


That just makes me wonder even more why the album isn't included, since all the tracks are there...