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Ja Rule - Livin It Up explicit version dissapeared

Ja Rule - Livin It Up explicit version dissapeared


All Ja Rule - Livin It Up tracks have been replaced with the censored version from the Best Of album. It is incorrectly labelled as Explicit, however it is indeed censored.


Ja Rule – Livin' It Up


Hopefully the original Explicit version from the 2001 Ja Rule album can be restored.

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What about this release all the tracks are marked as explicit, at least this best of release?


Just did a bit more research. Looks like the version I have in my collection is the LP Version.  All of the album versions on Spotify are far from Explicit.


So I guess I'm hoping Spotify can add the LP Version at some point. 🙂


PLEASE PUT THE REAL VERSION BACK wth. It's 9 years later and they're all still mislabeled. I cannot find "livin it up" explicit on like 10 different tracks stored in Spotify.

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