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Kamelot - Silverthorn // missing

Kamelot - Silverthorn // missing

I have a playlist with this album, but I have not listen for a while ad now, when the band is coming to Budapest, and I want to listen this (actually my favourit album from them), it's not available. I don't know what happened, nothing in my country options, and nothing at all in my spotify. Why did this albums get out from my library and why is this album unavaliable? I wan't a reason, that's why I'm paying the premium fee so I can listen whatever, and whenever I want.

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I am not exactly sure why it is not available? I did a region look up for that release, seems to be only shown for the U.S. currently as a listening region on the Spotify service that has access to that release. But your post got me to double check my playlist full of Kamelot tunes, and I noticed the release Poetry For The Poisoned that was released two years earlier in 2010 is not currently available to me on a U.S. account now. It is not uncommon for music streaming licenses on releases for artist pages for each release to become outdated and content to become temporarily unavailable. The content could eventually come back when new music licenses have been issued for the release to be available again. All one can do in these situations is to wait a few weeks and see if the release comes back, normally the unavailable releases do come back within a few weeks.


You mentioned the band is coming to town is this the only release by the band currently not available to you? Sometimes labels try to make content temporarily unavailable on streaming service during tours to encourage fans too buy CD's and legal digital copies of releases sometimes at shows or local retailers? If you go to the gig and see this CD being sold with band shirts and other fan merchandise, this might provide a good explanation maybe why it is suddenly not available from your music streaming listening region?



That is making a sense, but I don't really know, because they are running with a different album (Haven), and the Silverthorn is the only one that I couldn't listen, others are playable. Also I don't know the time when it started to being 'currentlly unavailable', because I did not listen for a while (like ~2 months)..

Also it says: This song is not available. That's all. I think when it's not available in my country it says that.

I can wait, but this kind of 'bugs' make me mad. 😄

Still missing.



Yeah more than likely this is a regional lincesing issue for just this release for your listening region on the Spotify service. This is just a wait and see game, happens often with content, most of the time the content eventually comes back, but when is a waiting and guessing game.


The same thing happened to me with the band Symphony X, their first four releases have been unavailable for awhile now on the artist page for U.S. Spotify users, but everything after V is available currently.


Spotify wants all the world's music, and they're working hard on making this happen for you. However sometimes agreements can’t be reached with the artist or label or a change may happen in music ownership.

Spotify adds thousands of albums and artists are added every day. If you can’t find an artist you’re looking for, they may appear (or reappear) soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact the artist or their label to ask when they plan to be on Spotify.

Why album silverthorn kamelot missing and cannot play on spotify ? 
whats wrong ??? 


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