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Last Amiina upload record is not them

Last Amiina upload record is not them

I'm pretty sure that the last record published for the artist "Amiina" is not theirs.

First because the songs are in Japanese. And Amiina is a Icelandic string quartet.

Second the music is a lot more pop than Amiina has ever been.

Third the band upcoming record is to be released on November 25 and the title is "Fantômas"

Fourth if you search for "Amiina - Atlas" in the photos you'll see a Japanese duet of two girl.
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@cdmas2 hey there, if you find a broken song or album, spotify greatly appreciates feedback - you can report the details here!



I actually wonder how Spotify handles multiple artists with same name. For example, Laura:

First url contains several artists. The second one only one artist.

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