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Laterooms advert

Laterooms advert

I am guaranteed never to use the laterooms service, what an annoying ad!!!! and its played twice each time.

6 Replies

Created this account just to give kudos to this... stopped using Spotify because of it !

I could not agree more, probably the most irritating advert I've ever heard on Spotify.

Spotify- it has to go. At least stop it playing twice. Not cool. Switched off to play music via youtube for most of yesterday evening as its too annoying!!!

For just over 30cent a day you could make all the adverts disappear. How do you think this service is provided. Free music and then complain about the adds? 

I am not against ads, I am against truly irritating ones such as the Late Rooms one. I've never once felt any need to complain about ads in Spotify, it's a failing on Late Rooms' behalf than Spotify itself but it's still being played, sometimes twice in succession. This ad in particular, is annoying, not ads themselves.

They are annoying by design. They want you to pay for the premium service. And for such a tiny amount you would no longer be annoyed. The fact that people are talking about the advert here confirms it's success. 

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