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Library Song Limit

I've been using Spotify since September of 2017 and I've enjoyed everything it has to offer. Recently, however, I ran into a very irritating limitation (that I had no idea was even a thing) Of course I'm talking about the Your Music song cap of 10,000 songs.


I'll cut straight to the chase, it's really bothering me that the service limits my taste and severely ruins my collection that I enjoy so much. By making me remove songs and albums to make room for more songs and albums (?) I find that to be counterproductive.


The only explanation that I've seen Spotify give is that silly


"As we've previously said, less than 1% of users are reaching this Your Music limit. The current limit ensures a great experience for 99% of users instead of an "OK" experience for 100%. "


What's a bit aggravating to me is that Spotify offers a catalog of over 30,000,000+ songs yet I can only limit my collection to .033% of that? I don't understand why the service limits my collection just because less than 1% of Spotify's users are reaching the 10k limit.


Spotify shouldn't conform with a majority influence and swipe the smaller but more dedicated fan base under the rug. Is it really THAT much of a hassle for the service to increase the cap or to throw it away completely? I've read posts from users who come up with reasonable solutions to this  problem but Spotify turns a blind eye and gives even more vague explanations to it's users who experience this.


I'm willing to pay $10/month and to HIGHLY recommend the app to people who have second thoughts about using it and paying for a premium membership. I know I'm not contributing much to the service but I don't find it fair that Spotify diminishes my enjoyment of the service this way.


I think it's about time to start making some adjustments and to take this section of your community seriously.


Thank You.


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Hey there!

Unfortunately I'm not a spotify employee, so I can't really give you a solution to your problem. You could create another playlist and then just alternate between the two, but other than that, I can't really suggest much else

I'm really sorry that you've encountered these problems and I hope it gets sorted soon

Have a great day!

I ran into this problem myself, and while this isn't a complete fix, I found it very helpful to just begin saving my music into categorized playlists instead of clicking the check mark to save the songs to my library. 


This elimates the storage issue but your songs can still all be accessed whenever you want them from your profile!


Hope this helps 🙂 

Hi there, 


I am not a Spotify employee myself so I don't know what exactly is the root of this problem, but I think it's very frustrating as well. Unfortunately running out of storage is a big problem on Spotify and deleting songs is also annoying. At this time, the best thing you could do is to create a 2-3 different playlists and maybe categorize the songs in to them and switch between each playlist depending on what you want to listen. For example, I had the exact same problem when I joined Spotify for the first time, and so I created different playlists titled "EDM", "RAP", "CLASSIC" and such to organize my playlist and also save from storage. 


Hope this helps!

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